1. What is LibCat?

Libcat is a free library management software for automating the day-to-day operations of libraries. Libcat allows you to add and modify book and member information, record book distribution, and get reports on all of this.

Libraries using Libcat don't have to deal with the hassle of writing and searching for information in registers. A librarian using LibCat can tell a reader looking for books on which shelf in seconds. Libcat also has a facility to inform the librarian if the books that have been issued are not returned on time.

In short, the librarian's workload will be significantly reduced and more time will be available to focus on library activities beyond the distribution of books. More people will interact with the library through these activities.

More than a thousand libraries are currently using Libcat. Libcat can be downloaded for free, installed and used in one click without the help of technical experts. Therefore, every day new libraries start using Libcat and become part of the Libcat community.

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